About this blog and author

I am an anarchist, specifically an anarcho-communist,  radical pro- trans and queer feminist, and an environmentalist/animal rights advocate. I’m unremorsefully anti-state, anti-capitalism, and anti-oppression. I believe that radical changes are needed to ensure equality and freedom from oppression.

Unlike many other anarchists, I am actually religious and I consider myself a Gnostic. Religiously I am a Norse Heathen, a hard polytheist and animist, however I also incorporate gnostic philosophy into my  worldview which has indeed influenced how I perceive social issues and how I conduct  myself.

My general attitude is that I reject authoritarian attitudes such as patriarchy and statism in favor of egalitarian and libertarian alternatives. I am also anti-war, anti-imperialism, and anti-colonialism. I am supportive of initiatives like the anti-globalization movement and the current wave of occupations.

I am a vegan, psychologist, and all around cool queer.


2 Responses to “About this blog and author”

  1. Wassail! Dream on the Golden Age! We need visionaries who will push us to prepare the house for Baldur’s return! I am pleased to see Kropotkin and Jung and Tolstoy weaving and blending together. A toast to Frodi’s Mill that we may restore its abundance to render each according to their needs, from each according to their fully flowered capacities and talents! To the Gift Economy! To a human world that renders all the earth a temple where the Gods feel welcome to walk!

  2. Before this May 1 in particular, I wanted to wish you a meaningful Walpurgisnacht!

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