Pick up the Bones

There were demons with guns
Who marched through this place
Killing everything that breathed
They’re an inhuman race — Alice Cooper’s Pick up the Bones 

Veteran’s day was a couple of weeks ago and while I was having issues with the day and feeling conflicted about it and what it means to be a pacifistic anarchist and Heathen. It’s also apparent that we have a growing militarized police force and a growing state power. That bothers me. Both protect capital in insidious ways. We send our brothers and sisters, our children, and our friends off to war to protect freedom. But at what cost? They pay for that freedom with their lonely, unmarked graves and the graves of innocent people.

We need to admit that we live in a violent, depraved, and indifferent culture.  I am also not confident in our so called “progressive heroes”. That said… I am not going to bash on the dead soldiers. They like my dead comrades, fought for something they believed in. That demands a lot of courage, I can respect that.  I am not condoning the actions of them. It is unacceptable. The pro-war attitudes that ironically is anti-American we have here in America are kind of disgusting and makes me ashamed to see apologists for the military exist.

Should Heathens be anti-war? I believe so. I believe Heathens should be in the anti-war movement, while fighting for our veteran’s rights. My position isn’t probably that unique, but I think it is imperative that Heathens should not be engaging in war and that every single attempt should be made to convince others not to join or support the military and its imperialism. Not only do I think these wars are unjustified, I think there are better ways to handle conflict.


~ by ladycat123 on December 1, 2011.

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