Some Thoughts About 9/11

Sometimes it is really difficult being the sibling of someone who died at 9/11 and an anarchist. It is painful and is frankly conflicting at times. I hate how it has become a rallying point for the state, capitalist greed, and war. Honestly? It is very painful to write this post but I need to write it. I know that many of us can be very bad about this issue. I certainly am and quite frankly I am outraged at the insensitivity people can show about the issue.

I lost someone who I loved very much, my brother and I have watched shit get worse for about ten years. We send our children, significant others, and our friends off to war to be killed for someone else’s greed and hatred. There is enough evidence that the terrorist attack on 9-11 has done much harm to our civil liberties.

I loved my brother and I thought he was a good man, he would of opposed the actions taken by the US and I don’t doubt it for a second he’d want his memory tarnished by the government using his memory to guilt trip people, into voting for their party or to inspire acts of nationalism/racism and justify imperialistic policies.

Personally, I’ve stayed far away from anything involving the aftermath of 9/11. That might make me look bad, but I couldn’t get involved for fear of losing my sanity. Give me another decade and I might be ready to read a book about the goings on regarding the shitstorm that hit the world after those planes hit their target.

 Osama bin Laden’s death neither makes me sad or happy. I do however feel compassion for the man… Don’t mistake compassion for approval, I don’t particularly like the guy nor do I support his actions, but you have to feel something for a person (and many others on both sides of these wars) who is consumed by hate.

 Have you ever felt profound anger towards someone? Have you ever felt hate permeate every fiber of your being? If you have, and I’m sure everyone has had occasion to feel something like anger, hate, jealousy, and resentment, you know how painful those feelings can be. They take up all your thoughts, tense up your body and make it impossible to breathe and relax. Negative feelings, unlike positive ones like love and compassion, seem to have the special ability to dig their claws in your being and never letting go. Imagine living like that all the time?

 Osama Bin Laden was a man consumed by hate, and he was also one of the most hated men in all of the US. All these people holding on to all this hate… So horrible, so difficult. I don’t wish that on anyone. I think it’s sad when you can find joy in the death of someone, whoever they may be. It doesn’t solve anything, it doesn’t change anything. The death of Osama Bin Laden is not some magical solution that all of a sudden makes everything alright.

 If anything, I wish people would take three breaths, pause, and think about this. Try to imagine and feel all this hate inside of you, what it means, how it resonates, all the pain it creates, and maybe you’ll be able to muster up a little compassion for all the people in the world (including you and me) who are stuck in this cycle of hate and anger. I don’t want to stay stuck. How about you?


~ by ladycat123 on September 10, 2011.

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